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Want to maximize

social impact?

Improve the impact of your  SOCIAL - ENVIRONMENTAL project!!   


Social Impact Projects are more successful when they can accelerate delivery of the desired results to the target population. If you are working on a social or environmental impact project, the Social Project Institute (SPI) has a unique, tailored made approach to help your team’s goals become realities, and turn your challenges and setbacks into  group knowledge and better practices. 

If you are looking for an innovative approach to deliver MORE VALUE for your social project, contact one of our certified SPI Coaches. They are project professionals, with deep knowledge of project challenges, who can help you to co-create solutions with your project teams. You’ll learn to use agile project management tools to improve your team’s delivery of project results. 


If you want to be one of our certified coaches register for the certification program and become part of our network of SPI Coaches. You’ll learn to use the SPI Coaching Method, our unique approach for social projects.

During 2020 our coaches will be dedicated to offering pro-bono coaching to social projects related to COVID19 located in the US.
What is the SPI Coaching Method​?

The Social Project Institute (SPI) developed an innovative and proven combination of tools and techniques (the SPI Coaching Method) used by the best project teams who work on social impact projects projects around the world, to maximize their results.


The SPI Coaching Method is a four step approach: 

  1. MOTIVATION: why people contribute more to a project.

  2. FOCUS: what specific actions will maximize social impact in a project. 

  3. DELIVERY: who will lead the delivery of the project’s results. 

  4. REFLECTION: how a team can constantly learn, improve, and deliver more. 


The SPI Coaching Method is powered by Project Management for Results (PM4R), developed by  the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and consistent with international best practices offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and SCRUM


The SPI Coaching Method is the result of +25 years of experience of the Social Project Institute's CEO/Founder (Ernesto Mondelo) with social impact projects in Latin America (LATAM). Ernesto Mondelo is the co-author of PM4R methodologies and the Founder of PM4R Initiative at the IDB

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Our coaches are fully certified and have lots of knowledge

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Our SPI Coaching Method​ uses PM4R Agilethe leading project management methodology for social impact projects.

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